Asendia Tracking

15TRACK presents you with an easy and quick solution to Asendia tracking. Want to know the current status of your Asendia package? Simply enter your parcel’s tracking ID, and our system will generate all the essential updates on your parcel almost immediately.

About Asendia

Asendia is an acclaimed logistics company that specializes in international mail and eCommerce product shipping. The company was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between French La Poste and Swiss Post – two of the world’s top postal service providers. Asendia has headquarters in Paris and Berne and offices in 25 locations across the globe. Thanks to its robust network of partners and a large pool of workers present across their country offices in Europe, Asia, and the USA, the company currently ships goods and documents to over 200 cities.

Asendia Tracking Number Format

The Asendia tracking number format varies as per your location. This is nothing but a simple number series. For instance, Asendia UK tracking number usually contains 9 or 11 digits. The USA tracking number could have anywhere between 13 and 20 digits. The Asia number comprises 3 letters + 8 digits + 2 letters + 2 digits + 2 letters. The Asendia tracking number for Germany typically has 13 digits + B + 1 digit + C.

Format 1
Format 2

Each * represents a single-digit number, while each # represents a letter.

Streamline your Asendia parcel tracking

15TRACK provides a one-stop solution to all your parcel tracking needs. You no longer need to look for the right carrier website for online parcel tracking. Irrespective of the shipper, you can track your parcels directly from 15TRACK. Do you want to simplify your Asendia tracking? Just enter your tracking number and get instant updates on the current status of your shipment.

Track your Asendia package in real-time

If you want to get real-time updates on your Asendia packages, calling or emailing is not the solution. Due to time-zone differences, getting an instant update via calling or emailing is practically impossible, in most times. That is where 15TRACK comes to your rescue. All it needs is your Asendia tracking ID. You can enter the ID anytime and from anywhere to get an instant update on your package.

Get comprehensive information with one click

From the shipping status of your Asendia parcels to its current location and estimated delivery date, you can get all the important information on a single, user-friendly webpage. All you need is to enter your valid tracking number and click on “TRACK” for an update.

Services provided by Asendia

Asendia offers a full-range of international mailing and eCommerce shipping services to its global clients. In addition to shipping, Asendia provides its eCommerce clients with order management, customer acquisition, and returns shipping services. When it comes to international mailing, Asendia helps businesses with production, distribution, and response management. The company also supports its clients with warehousing, customs clearance, and data management services.

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