Chronopost Tracking

Thanks to 15TRACK, tracking Chronopost parcels has never been easier. Use our tracking tool to track a Chronopost package in France or abroad.

About Chronopost

Chronopost is a French brand belonging to DPDgroup, itself being a subsidiary of La Poste group, the national postal service in France. With nearly 170 million packages delivered, Chronopost is the leader in express delivery of parcels up to 30kg in France, whether for businesses or individuals. Chronopost also delivers packages internationally within 230 countries.

Accepted Chronopost tracking number formats

Enter your Chronopost tracking number right now! If your Chronopost number is valid, our tracking service will find your package! There are two types of Chronopost tracking numbers: one for packages in France with 13 characters (2 letters + 9 digits + 2 letters) and 15 characters for international parcels.

Format 1
Format 2

Each * represents a single digit. Each # represents a capital letter, the last two letters often being FR for domestic shipments.

Find your Chronopost package

By entering your Chronopost tracking number, you will be able to locate your package quickly. Our service tells you what your package status is and where it is. It is very convenient to predict when you or your recipient will receive your Chronopost package. That works for both national and international shipments.

How do I track my Chronopost package?

It is effortless to know your shipment status at any time. Enter the Chronopost tracking number provided to you in the search bar above and click on “TRACK”. Our Chronopost tracking system guarantees you to receive all the details on your package’s location once the configuration is done.

Chronopost International Tracking

If you are looking for an international express parcel delivery service, Chronopost delivers parcels to 230 destinations. The maximum package weight is 30kg. Depending on the destination, the delivery time will be more or less short. For example, you should expect 1 day to Berlin, 1 to 2 days to Lisbon, 2 to 3 days to Casablanca, or 3 to 5 days to Shanghai. Also, Chronopost international allows you to track the status of your package online. To know what is your shipment’s location, you can use our Chronopost International package tracking tool.

Chronopost Letters Tracking

It is also possible to track your Chronopost letters in real-time with our online tool. Chronopost offers a fast and secure express letter service to save time and delivery in less than a day, depending on your option. Very convenient for urgent shipments. The letter stamping is even available online on the Chronopost website. The offers for letters and packages that Chronopost generally proposes are the Chrono13 offer, including the next day delivery before 1 pm and the Chrono10 offer, including the parcel’s receipt before 10 am. Very practical, especially for professionals.

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