FedEx Package Tracking

You can easily track FedEx by reference tracking number quickly and conveniently with our package tracker online. Track FedEx package simply by entering your tracking number and our servers will synchronize with FedEx to generate all the information you need.

About FedEx®

Federal Express® (FedEx®) is an American transportation and courier service corporation that officially began operations in 1973. It is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and has networks in over 220 countries and territories, with a team of over 450,000 employees all over the world. It additionally links over 99% of the world’s GDP.

FedEx Tracking Number Format

The FedEx tracking number format often constitutes 12 digits or 15 digits. However, less common formats such as 20 and 22 digits may also exist. Some other format includes a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters, usually starting with 2 letters, following by 9 digits, and ending by US. Just enter your FedEx number in our online tracker above and track your FedEx packages at any time.

Format 1
Format 2

Each * represents a single-digit number, while each # represents an upper letter.

Where is my FedEx® package?

Each courier has a unique tracking number format making FedEx package tracking possible from within our servers. We will process real-time information on the location, tracking history, and shipping status of all your FedEx parcels in seconds.

U.S. Packages

FedEx® ships envelopes and packages all over the U.S. Its services include FedEx First Overnight, Priority Overnight, FedEx 2 Day and FedEx Ground which are available in all the 50 states, whereas FedEx Standard Overnight, 2 Day A.M. and Express Saver have limited services in Hawaii and Alaska.

U.S. Freight

FedEx® offers shipping freight in the U.S. in a range of services. FedEx First Overnight Freight offers delivery to all 50 states. FedEx 1Day Freight, 2Day Freight, 3Day Freight, Freight Priority, and Freight Economy offer services in 48 states, with extensive services in Hawaii and Alaska.

International Packages and Freight

This service offers shipment of envelopes and packages internationally. FedEx International Next Flight offers delivery to over 220 countries, FedEx International First ships to 20 countries, FedEx International Priority ships to more than 220 countries, FedEx International Economy ships to over 215 countries and FedEx International Ground ships in all residential areas in Canada. FedEx® also offers shipment of freights internationally as follows: FedEx International Next Flight ships to over 220 countries, FedEx International Priority Freight and FedEx International Economy Freight ship to over 130 countries, while FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economy offer delivery of LTL freight within Canada and Mexico.

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