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Tracking your FLYT package has never been easier! Just enter your FLYT Express tracking number and get real-time updates on your parcel's order status or location. Let 15TRACK streamline your FLYT tracking.

About FLYT Express

FLYT Express is a full-service logistics company, specializing in post package delivery, international special line, international express, and FBA air transport services. The company was founded in Guangzhou in China as Guangzhou phontel Logistics Co. Ltd. in 2008. They started delivering foreign mail packets in 2012. Thanks to their "customer first" approach and relentless efforts to promote cross border eCommerce, FLYT Express went on to become a one-stop logistics solutions provider within a few years. The company won many awards, including the "Eagle Male Award" and "Guangdong cross-border electricity supplier logistics enterprise 10 strong."

FLYT Express Tracking Number Format

FLYT tracking number usually starts with 'FTL' and contains both numbers and letters. The two common number formats used by them are:

Format 1
Format 2

Each * represents a single-digit number, meaning your FLYT package tracking number contains eight digits and some letters.

Enter your FLYT tracking number on our website and get all information about your package.

Streamline your FLYT parcel tracking

15TRACK enables you to track all your parcels from a single point. No matter the courier company, just enter your tracking number and get up-to-date information on your shipment. If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to track your FLYT parcel, use our online package tracker and save time and energy on FLYT Express tracking.

Track your FLYT Express package in real-time

Need an update on your FLYT package? Calling or emailing for an update could involve wait times! But don't worry! Our online package tracker remains operational round-the-clock. Whenever you need an update on your FLYT package, just enter your valid tracking number, and get the required information right away.

Get comprehensive information with one click

Whether you need to know the order status, current location, or estimated delivery date of your FLYT parcel, get all information in just one click. All you need is to enter your parcel's ID number. Try it now!

Services provided by FLYT Express

FLYT Express offers a range of logistics services, thanks to its collaboration with PayPal, eBay, Royal Mail, Hong Kong Post, DHL, HK DHL, and USPS. FLYT Express provides any types of cross-border logistics services you might need: from post package delivery service and FBA air transport service to international special line service and worldwide express service.

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