PostNord Parcel Tracking

Are you a busy professional with no time to handle everyday tasks like PostNord parcel tracking? Don’t worry! 15TRACK has simplified PostNord tracking to one easy step. Just enter your tracking ID at the corresponding field, and get all updates on your PostNord package right away.

About PostNord

PostNord AB is an acclaimed logistics and communications services provider in the Nordics. The company was founded in 2009 through the amalgamation of two postal companies, namely, Posten AB and Post Danmark A/S. The states of Denmark and Sweden own respectively 40% and 60% stake in the company. PostNord offers end-to-end logistics services, including order processing, warehousing, distribution, and delivery. The company mainly delivers parcels, letters, electronic communication, newspapers, express mail, and direct mail. With more than 8000 distribution points across the Nordic countries, PostNord delivered over 179 million parcels in 2019.

PostNord Tracking Number Format

The PostNord tracking number typically contains a series of 13 characters, both numeric and alphabetic. Other formats also exist, but they are less common. Tracking PostNord parcels is easy when you know your tracking ID. Just enter the ID and get quick updates. Try it now!

Format 1
Format 2

Each * represents a single-digit number, while each # represents an upper letter.

Streamline your PostNord tracking

A simple and straightforward system for parcel tracking can save you hours in the long run. That’s precisely what 15TRACK offers you. Whether you are a business owner or a busy professional, you should consider using our online package tracker. Indeed, it gives you the ability to track and trace all your shipments from different couriers from a single point. Enter your PostNord package tracking number and get updates on your parcel’s latest status within seconds.

Track your PostNord package in real-time

No one wants to spend hours waiting for an update. Thankfully, 15TRACK gives you instant updates on your shipment. It’s way faster than the conventional process of calling or emailing the courier company for an update. All you need is to enter your tracking ID and click “TRACK.” Within seconds, details about your PostNord parcels will appear on your screen. PostNord tracking couldn’t get any faster!

Get comprehensive information with one click

With 15TRACK, you can get complete information about PostNord packages in one simple click. Our online package tracker uses an advanced API connection to collect details of a shipment from any courier instantly. When you enter your PostNord tracking number on our site, the system presents you with the tracking history, order status, and the estimated delivery date of your parcel.

Services provided by PostNord

PostNord offers a wide range of communication and logistic services to connect people and businesses in a timely and efficient manner. Their services include business communication, logistics, marketing communication, and mail handling, to name but a few. For eCommerce companies, PostNord offers marketing, warehousing, distribution, and secure payment solutions.

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