All the Package Statuses and their meaning

When you enter your tracking number and look for your package, seven possible tracking status results can appear on this results page. Our tracking system automatically provides these statuses according to the tracking information you have provided. Here is the list and the explanations for each of them:

1. Package Status Not Found

The status ‘Package Status Not Found’ means that your tracking details are not currently available. It would be best if you tried tracking again a little later. The reasons why this message appears are in general as follows:

(1) The carrier has not accepted your package yet.
(2) The carrier has not scanned and confirmed your package tracking information into its system yet.
(3) The tracking number you've entered is not correct or invalid.
(4) Your tracking number has been deleted from the carrier's system.

2. Delivery Expired

The status ‘Delivery Expired’ means that your package has not received any updates for a month or has not been delivered for at least two months. When this situation arises, please contact the carrier for further details.

3. Delivery Unsuccessful

The status ‘Delivery Unsuccessful’ means that the package's delivery was initiated but was not successful due to various reasons. In general, the carrier will organize a new delivery soon

4. Issue with Delivery

The status ‘Issue with Delivery’ means that your package may have been returned to the sender, damaged, lost, or includes other exceptions.

5. In Transit

The status ‘In Transit’ means that your package is in transit and has a good transportation condition. Transit days refer to the total number of days on the road. For most packages, the chronological order of status would be: In Transit> Out for Delivery> Delivered.

6. Out For Delivery

The status ‘Out For Delivery’ means that your package has arrived at the local point. Or it is on its way to your home.

7. Delivered

The status ‘Delivered’ means that your package has been correctly delivered. You just have to check your mailbox or the excellent reception of your packet. Enjoy your package!