Colissimo Tracking

Track your Colissimo packages to anywhere in the world. Whether the package is shipped to a nearby city or abroad, you can easily track your Colissimo package with our tracking service. Our tool is easy to use. Just enter your Colissimo tracking number to start the search.

About Colissimo

Colissimo is a brand of the La Poste group, a major courier in France. Specialized in parcel delivery for both individuals and professionals, Colissimo is among the most popular in France. If you have a package to send to or from France to an overseas destination, Colissimo offers a fast and reliable delivery solution. Colissimo also covers many international destinations, particularly by delivering parcels to 27 countries of the EU.
Colissimo has many delivery solutions - regardless of the type of goods to be shipped. Close to its customers, the brand offers them the Colissimo International tracking service: whatever the destination of your package, you can check your delivery status online. The Colissimo tracking system is also available on our site.

Colissimo Tracking Number

Generally, the Colissimo tracking number format is made of 2 capital letters followed by 9 digits and ends with FR. The first 2 letters can be CC, CW, EB, EW, or others depending on the destination. You can find below examples of Colissimo tracking number formats. If the Colissimo number is valid, our system can track it!

Format 1
Format 2

Each * represents a single-digit number.

How to Track my Colissimo?

You are probably asking yourself, "Where is my Colissimo?" To find out, nothing more comfortable than using our online Colissimo tracking system. It will locate your package. Retrieve your Colissimo tracking number and enter it in the search bar to start tracking. If your tracking number is valid, your package's status and location will appear once the process is complete.

Colissimo France

Colissimo allows you to send your parcels across mainland France with a 2 days delivery. For the overseas regions, it will take 5 to 7 business days to receive the package. Get the best price with many advantages: proof of postage, Colissimo package tracking, personal collection, or directly in the post office box, or even the option of sending your package without traveling thanks to the Colissimo online service. The rates depend on the package weight and the destination (the Overseas is more expensive).

Colissimo International and Europe

Colissimo proposes special offers to send your packages to Europe or worldwide. Rates are naturally higher than for shipments to France, depending on the region of the world. Note that the maximum weight of packages is 30 kg for shipments in Europe and 20 kg for international shipments. Delivery time is only a few days for Europe, while Colissimo International delivers your packages between 3 and 8 days. You can track your Colissimo internationally with our package tracking system.

Colissimo "Ready-to-send"

These are specific prepaid packaging and ready to be sent for all Colissimo packages. It is a simple all-in-one solution to send a Colissimo with the same guarantees without worrying too much about it. There are two types of postage: Colissimo Ready-to-Send France for all parcels up to 5kg to mainland France, Monaco and Andorra; and Colissimo Ready-to-Send World for all shipments up to 7kg worldwide. Online tracking for this type of Colissimo is also possible via your Colissimo tracking number.

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