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With 15TRACK, you can easily track La Poste® package to any destination. Whether the package crosses the city or heads to the other side of the world, our La Poste tracking tool helps you locate your package. Using our service is simple and intuitive. Enter your La Poste tracking number to start the process.

About La Poste®

La Poste is the national postal service in France and operates in Mainland France as well as in the five French overseas departments and the overseas community of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. Due to bilateral agreements, La Poste is also in charge of postal services in Monaco through La Poste Monaco and in Andorra alongside the Spanish courier Correos. La Poste offers letter, parcel and express delivery services, banking, financial, insurance, and mobile phone services.

La Poste was created in 1991 following the French PTT's dissolution, the former government service for post, telegraph, and telephone in France. La Poste remained a public company, but after the postal market opening to competition in 2005, La Poste lost its monopoly and became a public limited company in 2010.

La Poste Tracking Number formats

Below is a sample of the tracking number formats used by La Poste®. If it is a valid La Poste tracking number, our system can track it!

Format 1
Format 2

Each # represents a capital letter while each * represents a single digit.

Registered letter (Lettre Recommandée)

The Registered letter's use is suitable for sensitive documents that you want to be sure are received and need to be covered in case of a problem.
Also known as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, it offers compensation options, proof of postage, and, as its name suggests, an acknowledgment of receipt that the recipient needs to sign. Please note that our tool also allows you to track your La Poste registered letter.

Tracked letter (Lettre suivie)

The tracked letter service concerns domestic and international shipments. It allows the tracking of La Poste letters, documents, and small packages weighing up to 3 kg. Delivery times take 2 days in mainland France. When the stamp is issued, you will get a tracking ID that you can use in our tracking tool above. Unlike the Registered letter, the recipient's signature on delivery is not required and does not guarantee any compensation in the event of loss or damage.

Colissimo packages

The Colissimo service of La Poste allows you to send parcels in mainland France and overseas up to 30kg. Delivery takes a few days depending on the destination (allow 2 days for mainland France). The Colissimo service includes proof of postage, package tracking, and receipt in person or in a mailbox. The shipment price depends mostly on the package's weight and the traveled distance. On 15TRACK, our online tool helps you to track your Colissimo.

Chronopost parcels

Chronopost is related to all urgent and express parcels. Ideal for those in a hurry. In addition to the guarantees offered by Colissimo, the Chronopost service includes compensation if the package is lost or broken. The shipment weight is also limited to 30kg. The price varies according to the weight, the final destination, and the desired duration of delivery. Track your Chronopost packages right now!

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